About us

The European Vocational Exchange programme provides vocational employees with the opportunity to work abroad in Europe as part of an exchange with another company or within the same company.
Exchanges, which last for three to six months, provide a cross-cultural experience in the participant’s field of expertise.
Being international companies working in international markets require us to have international and European teams. The European Vocational Exchange programme contributes to that.

Julia Isaias
Air Liquide-Dusseldorf, GER

AL Iberia - Madrid, ES

“My EVE programme placement involved a 12-week assignment in Madrid, giving me the chance to experience professional and private life in a different environment. It has helped me to gain independence and to be open minded about working in a different culture and in a foreign language. I’ve seen how easy it is to work and travel within the EU, and how valuable it is to have new perspectives and challenges, and to make contacts and friends with new people abroad.“

Saskia Moeller
Schuelke - Hamburg, GER
Seppic - Castres, FRA

“I really enjoyed my three-month assignment abroad in the laboratory in Castres. For me, the most important part of the exchange was to get out of my comfort zone and face new challenges alone in a foreign environment. This was rewarded with higher self-confidence, better foreign language skills and deeper professional knowledge. For young people like me, it’s important to think outside the box and to gain such experience right at the beginning of your career, enabling you to think in different directions.”

As a company

Around Europe, companies are joining the European Vocational Exchange programme and helping to create a more mobile and flexible workforce. This initiative enables your organization to engage with employees by offering a European experience that will expand their horizons.
As an international company, working in transnational markets, you will recognize the value of having teams with diverse and open-minded people.
The European Vocational Exchange programme will support your efforts to attract talented people and improve your company’s brand.

Increase the skills, insight and mobility of your personnel and generate higher employee engagement

Build a workforce with greater international perspective and diversity

Differentiate your company’s recruitment process in the field of vocational education

Demonstrate your company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility

“schülke is part of the pilot programme for the establishment of this initiative. All apprentices who finished in the beginning of 2018 had the chance to take part to it. Looking for new talents interested in cross border collaboration, this programme could represent a differentiator in the recruitment process.”

“Being part of this program is very consistent with Danone’s Talent mission. As a global company, we believe that diversity is an opportunity for each of our employees as well as a key driver for the success of our business, reflecting the diversity of the consumer landscape in the markets we serve.”